Chapter 1  Grandfather

    Little Willy thought grandfather was sick because grandfather didn't get out of bed. Little Willy thought something was wrong with grandfather because he didn't play like he used to play. He always used to get up early to make breakfast. He wasn't getting up at all. So Little Willy went to go ask Doc. Smith to see if she knew what was wrong with grandfather.

Chapter 2  Little Willy

     A ten year old boy named Little Willy can not run a farm but he proved that he can.  Little Willy`s grandfather stored potatoes in an underground shed.  Little Willy thought that it was going to be hard for him because he is small and the farm is big.  He thinks grandfather will feel better if he finishes the harvest.

Chapter 3 Searchlight 

    It was winter time in Wyoming.  There is snow everywhere.  Little Willy  had chopped down wood and had stocked enough food.  Miss. Williams already told grandfather that Willy asked too many questions.  Searchlight is a girl, she is a dog,and she is good at pulling the sled. Searchlight knew her way around town because she goes around so many times.

Chapter 4 The Reason

    A voice yelled and Searchlight barked at it.  A man stood in the opening holding a small gun at Searchlight with his hand shaking.  Little Willy reached to touch Searchlight. The barking stopped. They went inside without Searchlight.  They went into Grandfather's bedroom.  Little Willy opened the money box finding out they owed $500 when he gave the notes to Clifford Snyder. They had to sell the farm or find another way to pay the taxes. 

Chapter 5 The Way

Little Willy was worried about his Grandfather so he went to Doc Smith, but before he got there he remembered what Grandfather said, "If there's a will there's a way."  Finally when he got there she was making a fuss about his taxes.  Grandfather owed $500 because he did not pay his taxes.  Willy will enter into a dog sled race to get the money.

Chapter 6  Stone Fox

    Little Willy went to see the mayor.  The mayor kept on laughing because he thinks he is funny .   Little Willy wanted to sign up for the race.  Little Willy signed up for the race.  He felt happy when he signed up for the race.  Little Willy thinks Searchlight can win the race to help his grandfather feel better.  Little Willy saw some dogs.  The dogs held their heads up proudly.  Stone Fox is saving up to buy land for his people.

Chapter 7  The Meeting

   Little Willy wants to be in a race.  Little Willy is using his college money to be in  the race.  Then doc sends him to go get medicine and Little Willy heard noises.  He heard dogs barking then Little Willy opened the doors.  He saw dogs.  He touched the dog then Stone Fox hit Little Willy.


    Little Willy was nervous at the race.  Clifford Snyder the tax man was there at the race.  Miss. Williams was there at the race too.  Wo was Lester, Doc Smith, Mr. Foster, Hank, Mayor Smiley, and Stone Fox.  Little Willy wanted to win.  Little Willy was sure he will win that $500 dollars.  I am thinking that little Willy will do good at the race.  Mayor Smiley held up the gun and said, "Let the race begin."   

Chapter 9 The Race 

Little Willy took off like a flash.  Little Willy was the fastest one in the race.  Little Willy and Searchlight past alot of buildings and they even past Doc. Smith's house and they past Grandfather's house.  Someone was standing in Grandfather's window.  He had woken from his nap.  Little Willy was proud and so was Searchlight.  Little Willy was so proud that he had forgoten about the race.  Then Stonefox moved from last place to second place.  Stonefox was right behind Little Willy.  Who will win little Willy or Stonefox?  And don't forget to read Stonefox the book!

Chapter 10 The Finish Line

Little Willy and Searchlight are in the lead.  Then Stone Fox was right on their tail.  Then Little Willy kept saying, "Go Searchlight go!"  A few seconds later searchlight's heart burst.  Little Willy asked Stone Fox if searchlight was dead.  Then Stone Fox put his hand on searchlight's chest.  He felt no heartbeat.  Little Willy understood.  Then Stone Fox pulled out his rifle and shot in the air.  He said anyone crosses I shoot.  They believed him.  Stone Fox nodded to Little Willy.  Little Willy carried Searchlight and walked the last ten feet and crossed the finish line.  Then he won the $500 cash prize.