Stone Fox by Mrs. Williams' 3rd Grade Class at Adams Hill Elementary School

The main characters in the story are the Grandfather, Little Willy, Doc Smith, and last but not least searchlight the dog.  There is one more character later in the story the Indian Stone Fox.  He is not shown in the first five chapters.  He's never lost a big race ever.  Mr. Foster is the president of the bank in Stone Fox.  Clifford Snyder is the tax collecter.  In the book the Grandfather almost dies.  Little Willy tries his best to grow the crops for money.  Little Willy has to collect money for taxes to keep the farm.  So Little Willy enters a sled race.  Little Willy wants to win the race so he could pay the taxes.  You will have to read the book to find out what happens.  How about you tell people to check out our website and the book Stone Fox.  The author is John Reynolds Gardiner.  Thanks for visiting our website.

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